My Friend’s 1969 Camaro For Sale

I remember back when I was a kid.  A friend of mine had a 1969 Camaro.  Well my friend was only 8 years old, so really it was his father who had the Camaro, but you know what I mean!

It’s funny how you remember some things from your childhood.  I can still remember to this day going over to his home and going for a ride with him in the Camaro.  His father loved that car. He would spend hours just driving around town, showing off to anyone he met.  I really enjoyed going for rides in that car too.

I also remember the day that my friend’s father put his 1969 Camaro up for sale.  It was not a good day.  From what I remember they had to do it because they needed the money.  I’m sure my friend’s father was really disappointed.

I don’t know what they are doing today, but I’m sure if his father is still alive and had the money he would be buying another 1969 Camaro!  If he hasn’t done so already!


p.s. Wondering where to find a 1969 Camaro for sale?  Check out these on eBay!

Check out these on eBay!

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