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My Friend’s 1969 Camaro For Sale 0

I remember back when I was a kid.  A friend of mine had a 1969 Camaro.  Well my friend was only 8 years old, so really it was his father who had the Camaro, but you know what I mean! It’s funny how you remember some things from your childhood.  I can still remember to […]

Old Cars For Sale: Buying on eBay? 0

I have just created a video if you are looking for old cars for sale and interested in buying on eBay Motors. The video shows you how to register for an account. Watch the video In future videos, I plan to go into more details on the in’s and out’s of buying a car on […]

Old Cars For Sale: 1967 427 S.C. Cobra Replica Shell Valley 0

1967 427 S.C. Cobra Replica Shell Valley I have a new love!!! HA HA… Man, I can’t find the words to say how much I love this car!!! I must be the blue, or maybe it’s the exhaust, but damn, that’s just gorgeous!! Now where did I put that $50,000? Check out the other pictures, […]


1959 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD SIXTY SPECIAL 60 This cadillac just popped up on auction.  I had to have a look.  I thought it was nice, but not my cup of tea!  I guess I’m just too young to appreciate it! lol I do think, however, that this car is perfect for weddings and events! Don’t get […]

Old Cars For Sale: 1981 Chevrolet Corvette 0

1981 Chevrolet Corvette  Old Corvettes have always been my personal favorite!  Don’t you just love the curves of this 1981 Corvette.  This car means business.  It’s a true masterpiece.  I can just hear the engine now, can’t you? ~Shannon [tags]classic car auctions, classic cars for sale, old cars for sale, antique cars for sale[/tags]

Old Cars For Sale: 1930 Ford Model T Bucket – OH BABY!!! 3

Talking about old cars for sale on eBay, this one is a beaut and man is it every popular!  I just love this car. The paint job is awesome, love the little eyeball and flames on the hood!!!  1930 Ford Model T Bucket I’m curious to find out what the final selling price of this old Ford is […]

Old Cars For Sale: Site Launch 0

Hey Guys, Are you looking for great old cars for sale online?  That’s awesome!  If you’re like me and live in a small town, buying online is pretty much the only option available to find a great old car for sale. New cars are nice, but they just don’t have the appeal as the old […]